Why Partner with Calgary Family Day Home Agency?

Our agency provides a lot of great benefits and advantages over running a private day home.

  • Dedicated consultant assigned to each day home for consistent and reliable support + support from the entire team
  • Low staff turnover, making for strong educator + consultant relationships
  • Networking opportunities with other day home providers
  • 24/7 support
  • Mentoring and individual training plans for educators
  • Group workshops (large and small)
  • A team approach
  • Prizes and incentives to help you meet your monthly goals
  • See below for even more great benefits!
Being a day home educator means working alone for long hours with children and it’s wonderful to know that I have a supportive group of highly educated people behind me. Together we create an environment of high quality child care.
- Kim (educator)


Administration & Paperwork

We help you meet rules and regulations + take care of registration, billing, subsidy, mediation support, and more so you can focus on providing quality care.

Government Wage Top Ups

We help qualifying educators access government wage top-ups for every hour of work (up to a maximum of 181 hours/month).


Our partners access $5 million liability insurance for their day home – with a reputable company who understands their needs.


Form Templates

We have templates for everything you need to run your business: Menu Plans, Activity Plans, Field Trip Forms, Accident Forms, Consent Forms, etc.



We help with advertising through our online map/directory, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google, community newsletters, etc

Storypark™ Plans

Share all your great daily activities with your families and your consultant. Our partners benefit from a 50% discount on Storypark plans.

Family Child Care Training Program

We offer a home learning program and at no additional cost equivalent to ECE Level 1.

Post Secondary Partnerships

We partner with recognized post-secondary institutions to support a variety of praticum placements (including within your own day home).


First Aid

We host first aid courses for our partners so you can get this important training at a discounted price.

Infant Incentive

Eligible incentives are added to educators’ monthly claims – an additional $150/month for each infant under 18 months in your care (maximum 2).

Government Professional Development (PD) Funding

Our educators get access to government grants for workshops (up to $500/year) and post-secondary courses (up to $1500/year)

I love that my consultant and director understand what it is like to run a Dayhome and understand how the rules and regulations will affect me and they appreciate that.
- Kerry (educator)