About Calgary & Region Family Day Homes

Calgary & Region Family Day Home Agency has been operating since 1984. We contract with day home educators in Calgary and surrounding areas to help them with their day home business. We also help connect families seeking childcare with high quality childcare.

We recognize that each child is a part of a greater unit – the family. We partner with each child’s family to create the best, most suitable care and education for the children in our day homes.

Mission Statement

  • Provide safe, nurturing environments fostering strong relationships between children and educators.
  • Affirm each child’s right to be listened to, to be treated with respect, and to participate in daily decisions that affect him or her.
  • See each child as a strong, resourceful, and capable learner.
  • Shift the intention of our interactions from “doing to” toward “participating with” each child.

(Adapted from Flight: Alberta’s Early Years Curriculum Framework, Makovichuck p.40)

How We Help Families

Families looking for care can connect with our agency for help in finding high quality child care spaces that meet their needs. We help connect families with day homes and help take care of the administrative tasks involved in child care.

Families with our agency have access to supports like the government subsidy program, developmental screenings, and supports for children.

How We Help Day Home Educators

Through ongoing monitoring and support from a dedicated consultant, our day homes follow government standards and consistently strive for quality in early childhood education.

Educators with the agency have access to the government wage top ups, monthly training, and networking opportunities within the agency.

I appreciate the agency’s unlimited support

- Hana (educator)

Community Involvement

As one of Calgary’s first day home agencies, we have deep roots in the community. We frequently partner with community members and organizations to help promote quality child care and continuing education in the childcare field.

Nourishing Beginnings

Advisory Board Member for Nourishing Beginnings Nutrition Modules

Flight – Alberta’s
Early Learning and Care Framework

Pilot project participant

National Child Day

Member of the Calgary National Child Day Planning Committee

Calgary’s Centre for Newcomers

Partner program and community workshops

Children’s Cottage Society

Proud supporter