Choosing a Day Home

Finding and choosing someone to trust with the care of your children is a big deal.

All of our day homes have gone through a screening process before joining with our agency. We conduct safety audits, do criminal record checks, provide access to additional training, and more so you can feel more confident when choosing one of our day homes.

Here’s a guide of other common things to ask about when trying to choose the right day home for you and your family.

Choosing Childcare – A Guide to Licensed and Approved Childcare in Alberta

Things to Inquire About When Choosing a Day Home

Meals and Snacks

Ask about the food that will be prepared and served at the day home.

Each of our CRFDH educators will have menu planners you’ll be able to review to see what food they typically serve.

Be sure to also ask about any special dietary needs.

The Childcare Space

Get a tour of the all the spaces that your child will have access to.

Find out how the educator plans to use these spaces. Things to consider are play activities, access, safety, etc.

Play and Activities

Ask about the educator’s philosophies on early education and play (Reggio, Waldorf, Montessori, etc.) as well as excursions, field trips, outside time, etc. 


Find out whether or not the educator will be providing transportation – to/from school, field trips, etc.

Some of our educators drive, others will use public transport for occasional field trips.


Guidance (Behaviour Support)

Ask what philosophies, strategies, and/or experience the educator has regarding guidance and challenging behaviours (e.g., throwing food/toys, biting, etc.).

All of our educators and families sign an agreement to follow agency guidelines for guidance.

Find a CRFDH Day Home

Calgary and Region Family Day Home Agency will provide you with the names and phone numbers of educators that have space in your area.

Browse your options

  • Check out our map for available day homes in your area, or
  • Call us at 403-217-5394 for recommendations from one of our staff

Conduct an interview

Contact the day homes you are interested in and set up a time to meet.

  • This is your screening process, so make sure to ask anything and everything you can think of!
  • You may want to meet outside of their day home hours so they have dedicated time for your interview
  • After an initial interview you can also ask to schedule a quick follow up during day home hours to see how it all looks in action
One quick phone call and we had multiple referrals for dayhomes in our area. Filling out the paperwork and getting our sons in care was simple and easy. With agency helped with every step along the way
- Rita (parent)