Find High Quality Childcare in the Calgary Area

We recognize that each child is a part of a greater unit – the family. We partner with the each child’s family to create the best, most suitable care and education for the children in our day homes.

Our day home agency has partnered with over 150 day homes in Calgary and surrounding areas. We take care of important screening considerations for all of our educators, making us a great choice for finding the right child care for you and your family.

Check out our map/directory of day homes to find a day home near you.

Why Calgary & Region Family Day Homes?

  • Educator screening – Educators, their family members, and homes are screened before partnering with us.
  • Safety – We conduct safety audits and criminal record checks so you can feel confident about choosing an educator.
  • Agency oversight – All day home educators are assigned a representative who does regular spot checks to ensure child care standards are being met.
  • Professional development – Our day home educators are given access to early childhood educator training and ongoing professional development.
  • Parent access – Check in on your little one securely through the Storypark app – photos, routines, menu, activities, and more.
  • Backup care – Alternative care available for when your day home might not be (due to illness, holidays).
  • Government subsidy – Child care subsidy available through all of our day homes (for eligible families).
  • Agency support – Our goal is to set up our day homes for success. We provide support including help with paperwork, menus, activity planning, and more so caregivers can focus on your children and running their best possible day home.

Choosing a Day Home

Learn what to look for in a day home to help you choose best.


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Childcare Subsidy

Find out if you qualify for Alberta childcare subsidy, how to apply or transfer, and more.

Resources for parents

Activities, videos, links, and other useful resources for parents.

I always love the happy faces when I come to pick up my child and they tell me about their adventures. Our day home is perfect for us and right in our own community!

- Karen (parent)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is care available evening and weekends?

Yes! We have day homes that provide early morning, evening, weekend and even overnight care.

Contact us for details.

When should I start looking for a day home? Are there waitlists?

Family day homes generally differ from center-based care when it comes to waitlists.

We recommend that you call and start looking for care 2-3 months prior to your desired start date (although we also have great success in finding care that needs to start right away).

Peak busy times are usually September and January so if you need care to start in one of these months you may want to call 3-4 months in advance if you can.

How much does childcare cost per month?

Each educator sets their own rates. Average costs are:

  • Full Time: $800-990/month
  • Part Time: $400-$600 (p/t is usually 2 days a week)
  • Daily: $30-$50/day
  • Before and After School Care: $400-600*

*Generally includes one PD day a month and full time fees over the summer

How do I find out more about government childcare subsidy?

More questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us.