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About Calgary Regional Family Dayhomes Agency

Our Agency’s Role

Under contract with Calgary and Area Child and Family Services, we are an accredited agency assisting people who would like to become Approved Family Dayhome Providers, and then monitoring and supporting these providers in their important work.

Monitored and approved child care through the "Family Dayhome Agency" system has been a seldom advertized flexible home-based child care program of the Province of Alberta for more than twenty five years. Unfortunately many people still talk about "baby sitters" or "day care." The Yellow Pages, for example, still lists all forms of child care under the old term, "Day Care Centres" - a misnomer of many years duration.

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If, because of work or school, a parent(s) needs help with child care, we believe Approved and Monitored Family Dayhome Providers offer a quality childcare option.

As an accredited family Dayhome agency, we take the role entrusted to us very seriously and make every effort to assure that children in our family Dayhome programs are treated kindly and respectfully, in a safe and stimulating environment.

Our Philosophy

When the adults in a child's life are happy, caring, capable, resilient, and responsible, that child has an immeasurable advantage in also becoming a happy, caring, capable resilient and responsible adult.

Guiding a child with correct principles and practices also depends on timing and a balanced dose of love, the opportunity to develop their motor skills, and the freedom to explore and satisfy their own natural curiosity.

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We encourage Providers to maintain a Dayhome environment where children are safe, and where happiness, love, intellectual development, resiliency, and age-appropriate responsibility are the foundation upon which all child care activities and practices are based.

Who We Are

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Calgary & Region Family Dayhome Agency Inc. is an accredited family-based child care agency which has been providing approved and monitored child care services to children and families throughout Calgary for 25 years. Recently we have extended services to the communities of Airdrie, Cochrane, and Strathmore and most recently the rural areas south of Calgary...from Okotoks to Claresholm.

Our goals and procedures focus on safe and monitored quality child care

Team Approach

Underscoring our belief that it is good modeling for children to observe the adults in their lives working together cooperatively, we sincerely hope you will see in those whom you meet representing this agency, a spirit of cooperation and inclusiveness as they communicate with you.

The success and happiness children have in their Dayhome experience depends on the mutually respectful relationship that develops between parents and provider and the support/monitoring provided by the agency.

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