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What Parents Need to Know When Choosing a Dayhome

**Please note that our parent handbook is currently being updated**

Services We Provide

We are pleased to provide these efficient, professional services:

  1. Unique and fair fee schedule.
  2. Receipts for income tax purposes.
  3. Caregiver screening:
    • medical
    • emergency procedures
    • first aid & CPR
    • police clearance with vulnerable sector search & intervention record check
    • references
  4. Monthly monitoring
  5. Back-up care available
  6. 24 Hour phone support line
  7. Formalized child guidance policy
  8. Ongoing in-service training
  9. Government subsidy
  10. Culturally-sensitive childcare practices
  11. Flexible hours
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Choosing a Dayhome

When Choosing a Dayhome please spend the time to interview with the care provider.

When interviewing it is always best if you ask as many questions as possible (i.e what is your late policy? or sick policy? How can I stay informed about my child's day? How will you include my child and their interests into your dayhome?) The more questions you ask the more comfortable you will be with your childcare choice.

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Before registering in a dayhome you must ensure that you, your child/ren, and the dayhome Provider have all met (it's always nice to include your child in this process)

Parent Survey

Calgary & Region Family Day Home Agency strives to meet the needs of all parents and children in the agency. To assist us in maintaining this goal we welcome your feedback. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey.

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Registration & Fees

Each individual Dayhome Provider is self-employed and fees will vary according to each individual home

The agency has a one time only registration fee of $95 that is due at time of registration (after all interviewing is complete and a specific dayhome has been chosen). This registration fee is one time only and one per family; families returning to the agency after any period of absence will not pay this fee a second time (this includes using our services for a different child from the same family)

Government Subsidies are available to help subsidize childcare costs, for families that qualify. To find out more about the Subsidy Program please visit their website at

Subsidies Avail.

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Areas Served

We all have day homes in many parts of town and in several surrounding communities.

Areas Served